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Anna, Michael didn’t just “like” the painting, he absolutely LOVED it!!

Thank you so much for helping this birthday of his be a most memorable one! Rebecca F (California)

Wow Anna you have outdone yourself
What an amazing birthday gift from my beautiful friend Becky with your amazing talent #bestgiftever M Green (California)

I'm lucky enough to own this painting  by Australian artist Anna Di Mezza. She does a lot of surrealistic feminist art, usually with a 60's American slant. Her raw meat pies scare the stuffing out of me, but her blink and you miss it details are a real sucker punch. - Kimberly Mackenzie (Brooklyn, New York)


Di Mezza's work is wonderfully unique to the very last brushstroke. I love the way she captures iconic moments in everyday settings and connects them through a style that is entirely her own. Her gorgeous work arrived in Tassie today and my husband is soooo stoked! - Andrew Georgiou (Tasmania)


The painting arrived this week and as usual is amazing!!!!!! I look forward to your future shows. - M Green (California USA)


Anna Di Mezza's paintings are an otherwordly nostalgic dream: spooky, seductive and surreal. They're also strangely addictive. My partner and I can't seem to stop buying them! Anna is an incredibly talented artist who's amassing a fascinating and  spellbinding body of work - Carody Culver (Queensland)

Ms. Di Mezza. Damn. It's [NO WORDS].

...Imagine an emoji that transcends time and space, but stops along the way when it feels right.

Yeah, I know, I lied about the no-words thing, but really your Art's just the Bomb. There's somethin' goin' on in your pieces, in the "air" of 'em, in the subtle hidden relations between your characters and elements. There's a strange austerity, a sparseness, yet also filled with wistfulness. I don't get any answers from 'em. But they don't ask any questions, and neither do I. It's just a feeling in them. Something understood. Something there. I don't know.

On a Kubrickian-note, you know what? I think both Dr. Heywood Floyd and Alice Harford would appreciate your art, and neither of them would know why, or need to, either.

Thanks for making your stuff, ADM, and for sharing us with it here. We're fortunate for that. - Jack Barry (Los Angeles California)

I have received the paintings . They are incredible. I am so happy. Thank you so much. - Andrew H (Brisbane)


Anna, I love your stuff so much. I received my painting from you in the mail....just wanted to say thanks and that it looks great, will be keeping my eyes open for more, I will start saving for my next one. - Jane R (Sydney)

I was blown away by how wonderful it is in person when I opened the package. The painting is amazing. I really love all your work I've seen. Thank you so much. - Rachel G (Sydney)

It is always a pleasure to own your paintings. Loved the exhibition too. - Maria Z

Just opened the package and put it straight on the wall.  Didn't realize it would be ready to hang. It's absolutely gorgeous thank you so much. - Eloise  G (Melbourne)

This is the first original artwork I've ever bought so this is a whole new world to me. I just loved the concept though and the juxtaposition of naivety and doom.

 - Nathanael G (Melbourne)

Received it, it's beautiful!! Hope you'll have more work in Melbourne soon! - Simon B (Melbourne)

Yes, got it on Thursday and LOVE IT!! Your work is fab :)) Just loved the retro sci fi mono :)) - Marcia G (NSW)

It looks amazing! Fantastic work! So glad to have it. Keep making great paintings! - Erik B (Texas - USA)

Your painting arrived on Friday and I just love it, thank you for wrapping it so well - it arrived safe and sound. - Jade D (Adelaide)

Anna Di Mezza's artworks are deliciously subvervise and surreal. I wouldn't last too long in her beautifully unsettling environments, but I sure like hosting them on my walls. - Jackie Ryan (Queensland)

I missed purchasing one of Anna's pieces this year at a sellout show in Melbourne so I was determined to buy my first Anna Di Mezza BEFORE the opening of a recent show in the Blue Mountains. Success! Painting purchased! I'm looking forward to seeing Anna's next body of work and recommend getting in early if you spot something you love! - Coleen T (NSW)


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